mba hodThe present business scenario is dynamic and highly challenging. A student has to prepare and ensure his or her readiness to bet fitted in this highly competitive market. The Department of Business Management, Techno International Newtown play a vital role in inculcating these values and help deliver their best to the external environment. With this vision Management program in TINT is making a coordinated effort to create future leaders who shall manage powerful organizations in the emerging corporate landscape.

The curriculum of MBA has been designed in a modular format with due impetus on functional skills and corporate case studies along with theoretical aspects. Development of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills is also focused in view of a holistic business perspective. This makes our students compatible with both domestic and international business environment. At the same time help develop such abilities and qualities that empower them to earn the most rewarding jobs and remain committed towards the betterment of the society.

Faculty here at TINT is actively involved in their pursuit of promoting and disseminating knowledge through teaching, research and training. Various pedagogic tools are used that help our students to foster traits of business acumen, people person or a team player. For all of you aspiring managers and leaders, you are now embarking on a novel learning adventure. Enjoy two years journey, as one day down the road you will look back at your career path and know that the small steps you took along the way are what set you up for success. It has been rightly said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

- Prof. Ipsita Ghatak
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