Techno International New Town (Formerly known as Techno India College of Technology)

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Welcome to Techno International New Town

We believe that education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. We have tried to build a tuneful balance between India’s golden past and her desired destiny to be a super-power in the post -modern age.

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  • TINT students working at SAP Labs India. From Left: Sourav Das(BCA), S. K. Das (TPO, TINT), Ripon Roy (ECE), From Right: Shubham Agarwal (BCA)

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Institutional Vision

To be recognized nationally as a premier institution producing qualified engineers/professionals with research skills by the year 2025.

Institutional Mission

1. To provide high quality technical education and research opportunities to meet the needs of the industry, academia and society.

2. To inculcate in the students ethical values, social responsibility, professionalism such that they work for positive growth of the nation.

3. To provide the state-of-the-art learning ambience and R & D opportunities to aspiring engineers with capability to become successful entrepreneurs.

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