Techno International New Town (Formerly known as Techno India College of Technology)

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Techno India College of Technology is a young member of the Techno India Group. It started its journey in the year of 2005. The college is the logical development and the rational conclusion of the mission and the vision of Techno India Group which is one of the largest knowledge management groups in India.

The academic community here finds inspiration from India’s ancient past where education was closely associated with the man-making mission. We believe that education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. We have tried to build a tuneful balance between India’s golden past and her desired destiny to be a super power in the post modern age.

The institute has developed extensive computing facilities. The Laboratories are well equipped to address the need of the new era. The overall placement record has been encouraging and it keeps a close relation with the corporate world. International collaboration, international relations play a vital role in our teaching-learning process. Industry-Institute-Interface programme has a special place in its decision –making arena. Hands-on-skill, soft skill programme and different types of skill development schemes are encouraged to keep pace with time. The Library facilities have developed over the years and it helps the student in getting high marks in the University examinations. The college always tries to maintain a harmonious balance between the various wings of the academic sections. The Heads of different Departments are the life line of the college and the Director is the guiding spirit. The Honorable Managing Director is the backbone of our institution and plays the pivotal role behind our effort to turn this education institution into a centre of excellence.

We have renowned academicians who take active interest to improve the teaching-learning process. We have the aim to turn the college into a temple of learning where the industry-academic interface will find its fulfillment. The Indian education system is immensely indebted to Techno India Group for its contribution in bringing the technical education to the doors of the common people of India. Techno India College of Technology is one of the most reputed centres of excellence under the Techno India Group. Our effort has been to keep our commitment towards our goal to spread education among the ‘technocrats’ of the new era without ignoring the need of proper moral development of the students of the post modern age. We have tried to make our employees feel the spirit of collective responsibility so that they can realize the concept of service to the students and feel at home even when they are performing their responsibilities in the office.

The management of the college has never compromised with the quality of education given to the students. The education system in Techno India College of Technology is motivated to bring up young engineers as noble citizens of this divine land. We believe that knowledge of Engineering, English, Economics and Ethics will build the right kind of chemistry to make a student duly qualified to get a job of his choice.

The teaching-learning process in Techno India College of Technology is devoted to make a student feel that he should have a material as well as meta physical co-consciousness. If he assimilates the spirit of Indian understanding about the concept of good life, then he should understand that the inner divinity of the individual should be discovered which will help him to realize the Infinite within the Finite. This realization will keep him attached to the spirit of India.

We, in Techno India College of Technology, believe that individual prosperity is closely attached with societal welfare and distributive justice. Therefore, our objective has always been to encourage inner potentialities of the student so that he can develop his personality to a high state where he will be able to realize the unity of humanity irrespective of the innate diversity.