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Videos of few present students 


Anubhab Das



Anindya Majumder



Soura Sarkar



Sujit Bhattacharya




Md.Ahsan Reza



 priya mondal me 

Priya Mondal


  suman kumar me 

Suman Kumar


 sushovan majhi me 

Sushovan Majhi:


 sunrit me 

Sunrit Mukherjee


 Raunak dutta me 

Raunak Dutta


 vikash me 

Vikash Kumar

 arnab me 

Arnab Dhara




Speaks of some present students



me succ 06“I am currently a final year student of mechanical engineering in this college. I would like to mention that our facilities are well experienced and we'll qualified. They are very helpful. Our facilities work very hard for us. Ever our library's faculties are also very helpful they guide us for proper book .I am very thankful to my faculties and college too.” Satesh Sah, Mechanical Engineering, 2016-20, M-Tech (Selected through GATE).




me succ 07“I am a student of mechanical engineering and I can proudly say that this college is one of the best. The faculties are very helpful and have clear concepts about everything. They are the best mentors I have ever seen. The labs are well equipped with machines all necessary information.
The campus is well developed and has the best transport facilities. Overall this college is very good for persuing higher education. And mechanical engineering dept is the best as the credit goes to the dedicated faculty members.
” - Sachin Kumar, Mechanical Engineering, 2016-20, TCS.




me succ 08“Academics: I am Maheswar Banerjee, a student of Techno International Newtown, department of Mechanical Engineering (3rd year). The quality of education is good. The curriculum is updated and includes all the recent developments in the field. The study makes us job-ready. In academic it's a good college.

College Infrastructure: Yes, our college has all the necessary infrastructure, facilities, and equipment. Classroom, laboratories, libraries, sports centers, and hostels are good. Living space is kept clean and food is hygienic.

Placement: The quality of placements is average. The placement process is good and easy. The college is supportive and assists the students. Many students were placed.

Campus Life: College is filled with greenery and many clubs are there. The lectures are very supportive and friendly. It's in urban places.” - Maheswar Banerjee, Mechanical Engineering, 2017-21.

 me succ 09“I am Anubhab Das from Techno International New Town, shortly TINT. I am a 3rd year student of Mechanical Engineering Department of this reputed institution. This college has helped me and is still helping me a lot not only in completing my course but also in various other ways, like arranging language training, arranging soft-skill classes, preparing us for job interviews, giving us the opportunity to do extra-curricular activities and much more. The faculty members of my department are very much friendly and they provide their utmost help to us whenever required. I would like to thank them very much for their constant guidance and shaping my future and others. Showing the right path to the students in order to achieve our life goals has always been the primary moto of my college. So, lastly, I would like to thank Techno International New Town for giving me the opportunity to develop myself in a greater way.” - Anubhab Das, Mechanical Engineering, 2017-21.



me succ 10



“In this college, I'm studying B. Tech (3rd year) in Mechanical Engineering. Our faculties are highly qualified and very helpful. Every year 100% syllabus completed before the examination, this is very good for students. All students are prepared for the GATE examination and learn programming languages for off-campus placement.” - Priyatosh Batabyal, Mechanical Engineering, 2017-21.


me succ 11


“I am Arkendu Garai from techno international Newtown. I am a student of B. Tech 3rd year Mechanical department of this college. In this pandemic situation we are able to complete our course online as teachers give their best effort to make it success. This institution helping me a lot to prepare me for interview, develop my soft skill and extra curricular activities. I would like to thank them for their constant guidance. THANK YOU TECHNO INTERNATIONAL NEWTOWN.” - Arkendu Garai, Mechanical Engineering, 2017-21.


me succ 12


“It's been an absolute great experience to be a student of TINT. The Faculties are really very supportive and inspiring. The college has a sound infrastructure both in hardware and software. It presents a great campus life and boundless opportunities to strengthen one's skills. The college has various co-curricular clubs which provide you a platform to showcase your talents. The placement records are good along with a very active training and placement department.” - Soumyojit Paul, Mechanical Engineering, 2017-21.



me succ 13“Our ME department is one of the best departments of TINT. All our respected faculties are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We get provided with all the study materials and online resources that we required for developing our concepts and all the faculty members are always ready to help us in every academic and non-academic activity. Lab and workshop facilities provided by our dept. is well equipped with some of the new generation machine which helps student for enough practical knowledge and ready to compete present scenario of advanced technologies.

Along with all this ME Dept. always encourage us to think and do something innovative ideas or projects. They always encourage us to took part in national level project competitions and help us to achieve that goal explicitly.  Faculty members are always there for help us in every situation. I am actually considering myself lucky to be a part of this family. ” - Joy Chakraborty, Mechanical Engineering, 2018-22.

me succ 14“Our mechanical department is one of the most active and feasible department of TINT. The respected faculties of our department are very much encouraging in academics and as well as non-academic curriculums. They always encourage us to took part in national level project competitions and help us to achieve that goal explicitly. They are always there when we need them and always available when we need to clear any conceptions. Our workshops are well equipped with many modern technologies and we get extremely good practical knowledge from there. They supplied us every kind of study material in this tough pandemic situation (COVID-19) too. We had continuous support in this lockdown from them also. I feel proud to be a part of this family.” - Anwesha Mallick, Mechanical Engineering, 2018-22.



me succ 15


“Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the best and active departments of TINT. All our respected faculties are very helpful and friendly. They are always helping us in every academic and non-academic activity. They always encourage us to think and do some innovative ideas and projects. Some of our Faculty members motivate us in every negative situation. I am lucky to be a part of this family.” - Arnab Kr. Mishra, Mechanical Engineering, 2018-22.



me succ 16“In our ME department all of the faculties are very much supportive and helpful also friendly. They always help us by not only providing all the study materials but also clearing our all the doubts in each and every subject to make our basic concepts clear and strong about the subject. They are also helpful in non-academic activities, projects, innovative idea related topics. Well and advanced lab and workshop facility with extremely knowledgeable teachers help students to gain enough practical knowledges.

Faculty members are always ready to motivate us in every situations. Actually our ME department is one of the finest and best departments in TINT. “ - Mahadev Bhoumick, Mechanical Engineering, 2018 - 22 



me succ 5


“I am currently in my final year of Mechanical Engineering (TINT). Being a comparatively mediocre student in terms of  academics, I had to nurture my knowledge of the subjects by attending courses and industrial trainings, to be a suitable candidate for the industry. Despite the current placement scenarios prevalent all over India, I am grateful to have been placed into a reputed company (core!). Moreover, I presented a research paper in an International Water Conference held in Bangalore (24th-27th September 2019). With this, I want to thank all my faculty members who helped me in this journey in every possible way they could. A special mention to our college Workshop, where I spent the most fruitful time in the duration of being a student of TI.”- UjanSengupta,Mechanical Engineering, 2016-20, AGS TRANSACT.