Techno International New Town (Formerly known as Techno India College of Technology)

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Sl.No Name Year of Passing Placement MOB Photo
  KUMOD KUMAR 2009 Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, Principal Member Technical Staff 9742660294  kumod kumar
  PULAKESH BANERJEE 2010 Cognizant Technology Solutions Designation: Senior Infra Developer ( Tech Lead ) 9711061133  p bana
  SAURAV KATARUKA 2009 Infosys Technical Test Lead 9830452067  s kataruka
  SAYANTAN DATTA 2009 Assistant Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services 9051261362  s datta
  ABHISHEK NATH 2012 IT Analyst Role : Project Leader TCS KOLKATA 9051355444  a nath
  BIPLAB GHOSH 2012 Senior Software Engineer at Wipro Limited. 7003643297  b ghosh
  SOURAV SENGUPTA 2009 TECHNICAL LEAD, Y Media Labs 7760410060  s sengupta
  SuchoritaKar 2016 WIPRO Software Engineer 9674291916  suchorita
  Aritra Sadhu 2016 Company: Wipro PUNE , Project Engineer 9874531357  a sadhu
  Soumik Roy Chowdhury 2016 Systems Engineer TCS 9062290202  s chowdhury
  DEBIKA BHATTACHARYA 2016 Administrator, wipro technologies.. 9163917292  D B