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TINT Covid 19 Care

1. This is a voluntary group of 100 volunteers formed by the students, alumni and staff members of the Techno International New Town
2. We verify the leads of the oxygen supplier in West Bengal every three hours in a day and update the google excel sheet. We are not able to verify if any supplier is fraud. Once you reach the supplier please verify the authenticity of the supplier
3. We don't have any control on the prices quoted by the vendors whose details are provided in the spreadhsheet
4. Within the 3hrs interval of verification some leads may become invalid because someone might have made use of the lead
5. All the active and currently verified leads will be highlighted in green colour
6. If you are unable to view the google spreadsheet and want any leads for oxygen please post on our page and our volunteers will be happy to respond at the earliest
7. The group has only been formed for social service and there are no monetary transactions associated
8. We will also try to provide the details on availability of essential medicines and hospital beds soon once the database is prepared.
9. If you feel this group will be of help to anybody please spread the word and forward the link so that people can join the facebook group and follow the instgram and twitter handles
10. We are not associated with any political parties.
You can also find us on