About the Club:

TINT Photography Club is the official photography club of Techno International New Town, where the photo enthusiasts of the college try to nurture their creativity and disclose the subtle richness of reality through their images. It is one of the most popular clubs of the college and acts as a mantle to voice the feelings and ideas of students through photography, which is amongst the most modern visual art forms.


Taking the first steps:

The honourable Director of Techno International New Town, Prof. (Dr.) R.T. Goswami and the venerable Registrar of the college, Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Ghosh have always nurtured an environment in the college where culture with all its branches can flourish radiantly. It was their endeavour to maintain such an environment that led to the germination of the idea for a photography club in the college. This idea gained ground as our beloved MD Dr. Satyam Roychowdhury has always encouraged the creation of platforms so that students can express themselves outside their academic activities. He lent his support to the initiative of our honourable Director and Registrar.

The shutterbugs, who were until then just a hapless bunch of dreamers, on their part, were overjoyed that their college was creating this platform to help them propagate their unique art form, learn, and reel in others who are interested in it. Students across departments came together to be part of this initiative with great unity. Despite their varied backgrounds, they all had one thing in common – their passion for photography.

In March 2019, the journey of the club began with its inauguration during the cultural fest of the college, and since then, there has been no looking back. The gratuitous efforts of the students and faculty and the patronage of the appropriate authorities have not only bolstered the morale of the students but also motivated them to be involved in various initiatives of the club. The Head of the Basic Science and Humanities (BSH) Department, Prof. (Dr.) Mala Mitra is another pillar of the club who has been a constant source of inspiration and aided the founders of the club in rendering direction to the dreams of the interested students.

The founding principle:

Life is built up with a tableau of experiences and perceptions that make us what we are. Therefore, while the college primarily seeks to excel in the field of technical disciplines, it ensures that the individuality and creativity of the students are kept alive by nurturing the passion within. It is with this vision that the club began its long walk. Be it nature, wildlife, portrait, street or fashion photography, advertisement, journalism or any other camera skill – the club yearns to aid students in every possible way to nurture their skills and yet keep alive the individuality of each student in terms of style.


Objectives of the Club:

To help achieve the vision, the mission of the club is:

  • To provide a conducive ambience and platform for the students to engage in photographic activities and thereby exchange ideas and share experiences.
  • To enable students to nurture the 3D’s (discover, develop, deploy) of creative skills and improve the techniques associated with the art of photography through various events, photo walks and workshops.
  • To help them manifest the artist within.
  • To encourage a holistic development of students.

Activities already conducted by the club:

  • Photo Exhibition cum Intra-college photography competition, DRISTI (Organised by the CSE Department in association with the Photography Club)
  • Photo Sessions with eminent photographers.
  • Event Photography ( throughout the year for various college events)
  • Intra-club photography competition  on various themes like "Monsoon Moments", "Autumn Symphony, "Nature" and many others.
  • Intra-college photography competitions on various themes.
  • An intra-college photography competition  on the theme "Stay Indoor" during lockdown period.
  • A webinar with renowned photographer on street photography in the lockdown period.

Rules and regulations of the Club:

  • No applicant will be allowed to take membership without obtaining the No-Objection Certificate duly signed and issued by the concerned Head of Department.
  • Membership will be offered primarily to those who have genuine interest in photography.
  • Membership process will be complete only after producing all relevant documents in order to justify their claim.
  • A group of competent faculty members will scrutiny the photos sent by the students before offering formal membership to them.
  • The club membership of a student will lapse in the natural course once and when his/her studentship ends.
  • The selected members are expected to follow the notice offered to them regrading periodic meetings of the club.
  • Members are expected to take part in different activities organised by the club.
  • All photos for display or for discussion must be clicked by the member himself/herself.
  • If students are found misusing the membership card, stringent steps will be taken against them.
  •  The authority reserves the sole right to cancel membership of any student on valid grounds at any time without prior notice.
  •  Addition and alteration of the rules and regulations may take place at any point of time in future depending on the requirement.

Members of the Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. (Dr.) Radha Tamal Goswami, Director, Techno International Newtown.
  • Prof. (Dr.) Mala Mitra, Mentor, Department of Basic Science and Humanities , Techno International New Town.
  • Prof.(Dr). Summauli Pyne, Director- Global Affairs, International Relations & Outreach, TIG & SNU
  • Mr. Rajarshi Rai Choudhury, Advocate, High Court, Kolkata


List of Faculty Members who are a part of the Club:


  • Prof.(Dr). Anindita Ray, Assistant Professor (BSH)


  • Prof. Debashis Bhattacharyya, Assistant HOD (BBA)


  • Prof. Anisha Mahato, Assistant Professor (IT)
  • Prof. Averi Banerjee, Assistant Professor (BSH)
  • Prof. Ayantani  Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor (EE)
  • Mr. Basab Mukherjee, Assistant Librarian
  • Prof. Debraj Chatterjee, Assistant Professor (CSE)
  • Mr. Gourab Panda, Technical Assistant (CE)
  • Prof. Md. Anoarul Islam, Assistant Professor (ECE)
  • Prof. Nantu Das, Assistant Professor & HOD (AEIE)
  • Prof. (Dr). Papiya Debnath, Assistant  Professor (BSH)
  • Mr. Rahul Raj Gupta, Technical Assistant (ME)
  • Prof. Saswati Ghosh, Assistant Professor (MCA)
  • Mr. Subhajit Maitra, Technical Assistant (BSH)


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tintphotoclub