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HRIDMAJHARE, the official music club of Techno International New Town, is where students and teachers come together, learn together, jam together, and together they make music— of varied genres and with varied flavours. One of the most prestigious and popular clubs of the Institute, Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club encourages various forms of cultural and artistic expressions and creates a sense of cultural harmony among the students who come here from diverse backgrounds.hridmajhare logo


Taking the First Steps:

The journey began almost a year back, when a handful of students, with a bit of hesitation and a lot of passion, approached some faculty members of this technical institute, with a request to form a music club of the College with the official approval of the appropriate authorities. Since then, although there were periods of lull and moments of zeal, there was, most importantly, no looking back.

The pillar and plinth of the Club is the venerable Managing Director of Techno India Group and Chancellor of Sister Nivedita University, Dr. Satyam Roy Chowdhury, who has inspired us, supported us and encouraged us to render a structure to the dreams of our students in the shape of vibrant Clubs in the Institution even before Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club was conceptualised. Dr. Roy Chowdhury continues to be a fountain of motivation and creativity for us.

With the gratuitous efforts and overwhelming encouragement of the Hon’ble Director, Prof. (Dr.) R. T. Goswami, with the patronage of the respected Registrar, Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Ghosh, and with valuable suggestions for improvement and innovation from some senior professors of the Institute, Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club began its journey in the summer of 2019.



The Founding Principle:

While excellence in the field of technical disciplines is the mainstay of the Institution, we also believe that the inculcation of the spirit of creativity and fine arts in students is essential for their holistic and spiritual development. It is with this aim and objective that Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club began its long walk to glory and excellence.


Objective of the Club:

A. Provide a platform of cultural exchange and social mélange to the students and faculties alike.
B. Encourage students to retain and enhance their love for music, and showcase their musical talents.
C. Instill in the minds of the young technocrats a strong sense of fine arts, refine their senses and add depth to their thoughts.


Activities of the Club:

A. Intra-college Musical Extravaganza
B. Celebration of Birth Anniversaries and Death Anniversaries of great poets and musicians
C. Inter-college Music Competitions
D. Workshops on different genres of Music— both instrumental and vocal
F. Occasional performances by celebrated musicians


Rules and Regulations of the Club

A. No applicant will be allowed to take membership without obtaining the No-Objection Certificate duly signed and issued by the Head of Department concerned.
B. The applicant must responsibly ensure that his or her participation in the activities of the club do not encroach on his academic performance.
C. The applicant must be able to produce before the competent authorities a documentary evidence of his or her interest in music and/or allied cultural activities.
D. The membership of the club will be granted only on the basis of an audition conducted by the competent faculty members and the mere submission of application does not guarantee the selection of an applicant.
E. The selected members are expected to attend the meetings of the club regularly as will be notified from time to time
F. The members shall under no circumstances use the accessories or musical accompaniments provided or made available to them for their private purposes and must not mishandle club property.
G. Members are expected to work responsibly and sincerely as well as develop a spirit of mutual cooperation amongst themselves while organising events or participating in Club activities.


Faculty In-Charge of Hridmajahare- TINT Music Club - Prof. (Dr.) Kakali Ghosh, Covenor, Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Science & Humanities (Mathematics)

Prof. Anwesha Dutta Ain, Co-convenor - Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Science & Humanities (English)

Prof. Prabir Biswas, Co-convenor - Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Click this link to apply for Membership of Hridmajhare- TINT Music Club   https://forms.gle/nwU6e6byBF34D6V69

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TINT.Music.Club.HridMajhare