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TINT Literary Club - LITWITS

litwits 2019LITWITS, the Literary Club of TINT has been established with an aim to enhance the fine nuances of various facets of literary skills of the students. The club tends to inculcate among students a passion for ‘seeking beyond the pages’; thus providing wings to their imagination and creativity. The literary club provides a platform where students   can take a break from their brainstorming academic sessions and share their experiences, reading, thoughts and also showcase their talent and literary interests.

The club is responsible for organizing various events in TINT, such as workshop, seminar, conferences, debate sessions, group discussions, book reading, competitions etc. The club was inaugurated on 27th September, 2019 on the auspicious occasion of Freshers’ Welcome 2019. It was indeed a proud moment for the entire TINT family when the banner of LITWITS was held high by club members and other eminent dignitaries on the dais: Dr. R T Goswami, Director TINT, Dr. Sarup Prasad Ghosh, Registrar, TINT, Dr. Mala Mitra, HOD, BSH, TINT. Dr. Goswami in his address mentioned that the club should work to develop and hone the literary skills of the students, thus inspiring them to develop a taste for literature and also works in the direction of expanding their academic horizon. All the students, faculty and staff members were highly motivated with such encouraging words.

Link for Registrattion: https://forms.gle/uQkekK4yMU9V455F8

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TINT.Literary.Club.Litwits