AESTHETICA - the Art Club of TINT, is the official Art club of Techno International New Town, has been established with an aim to inculcate among students a deep passion for visual arts with an aesthetic touch. The club provides a platform for students to develop their creativity and self-expression, and to nurture a deep rooted understanding of concepts and ideas in art. It provides support and encouragement for those students who are seeking a creative break in addition to their academic schedule. ArtClubLogo
The club was inaugurated on 27th September, 2019 on the auspicious occasion of Freshers’ Welcome 2019. It was indeed a proud moment for the entire TINT family when the banner of AESTHETICA was held high by club members and other eminent dignitaries on the dais: Dr. R. T. Goswami, Director TINT, Dr. Swarup Prasad Ghosh, Registrar, TINT, Dr. Mala Mitra, HOD, BSH, TINT and Dr. Papiya Debnath, Convener, AESTHETICA, TINT. On this auspicious occasion, Dr. R. T. Goswami in his address mentioned that the Art Club of TINT proposes to capture the inherent talent and potentiality of the student community and also to uphold the artistic merits of the students who would in turn bring laurels to the organization through their constant efforts.

AESTHETICA would encourage students to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity freely through drawing, sketching and painting. It would further motivate students to actively participate or be directly involved in art competitions. One of the major activities of the club would be to establish art club representatives to help manage and plan activities, and organize group projects. The club would also organize seminar, competitions and workshop for aesthetic enrichment of the students. At the same time the club is also looking forward to organize enrichment outing to a museum, art gallery, or figure drawing session in a year.

Rules and regulations of the Club:
1. Membership will be offered only to those who have serious interest in drawing and painting.
2. No Objection Certificate from the Head of the Department has to be obtained.
3. The club membership of a student will lapse in the natural course once and when his/her studentship in this college ends.
4. Members must attend meetings regularly.
5. Members are expected to take part in different activities organized by the club.
6. All drawings for display or for discussion must be done by the member himself/herself.
7. Misuse of membership card is strictly prohibited and if so found stringent step will be taken.
8. The authority reserves the sole right to cancel membership any time without notice.
9. Addition and alteration of the rules and regulations may take place at any point of time in future depending on the requirement.

Members of the Advisory Committee:
• Prof. (Dr.) R. T. Goswami, Director, Techno International New Town
• Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Ghosh,  Registrar, Techno International New Town
• Prof. (Dr.) C. K. Bhattacharya,  Dean of Academics, Techno International New Town
• Prof. (Dr.) Mala Mitra, HOD,  Basic Science and Humanities, Techno International New Town

Faculty In-Charge of AESTHETICA - the Art Club:
• Prof. (Dr.) Papiya Debnath, Convenor, Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Science & Humanities.
• Prof. Anindita Ray, Co-convenor, Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Science & Humanities.
• Prof. Debraj Chatterjee, Co-convenor, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science.

List of Faculty Members who are a part of the Club:
• Prof. Debaparna Sengupta, Assistant Professor (EE)
• Prof. Nantu Das, Assistant Professor (EIE)
• Prof. Sandip Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor    (ECE)
• Prof. Averi Banerjee, Assistant Professor (BSH)
• Prof. Ivy Das Choudhury, Assistant Professor (ME)
• Prof.  Mousumi Kundu, Assistant Professor (CE)
• Prof.(Dr.) Kashmi Mondal, Assistant Professor (BSH)
• Prof. Ipshita Ghatak, Assistant Professor (BBA)
• Prof. Soumajit Pal, Assistant Professor (MCA)
• Prof. Sayantan Majumder, Assistant Professor (BSH)
• Prof. Soumalya De, Assistant Professor (IT)

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TINT.Art.Club.Aesthetica