Machineries and Major Equipments:

  • Different Linear Measurement Instruments like Vernier Caliper, Digital Vernier caliper, Vernier Height & Depth gauge, Digital Outside Micrometer, Thread Gauge, Radius Gauge, Feeler gauge and Slip Gauge Set Box.
  • Different Angle Measurement Instruments like Vernier Bevel Protractor, Sine-Bar and Angle Gauge Set Box.
  • Dial Indicator
  • Strain Gauge
  • Profile Projector
  • Anemometer
  • Mitutoyo Corporation make Surface Roughness Tester

List of Experiments:

  • Taking Measurements of different dimensions of given specimens using Outside Micrometer, Vernier Height Gauge, Vernier Depth Gauge, Thread Gauge, Radius Gauge, Feeler Gauge and Slip Gauge Set Box.
  • Taking Measurement of angle of a component using Vernier Bevel Protractor, Angle Gauge Set Box, Sine-Bar and Slip Gauges.
  • Measurement of a specific dimension for a lot of components, and prepare histogram from the data obtained
  • Measurement of micro feature of a product (eg. Thread of a bolt or saw etc.) in a Profile Projector.
  • Measurement of air velocity across an air duct using Anemometer.
  • Calibration of a cantilevered flat section steel fixed with Strain Gauge as a Force Dynamometer using a Wheatstone bridge and loading arrangement.
  • Measurement of surface finish for different types of manufacturing processes using a Talysurf instrument (Mitutoyo Corporation make Surface Roughness Tester).