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Machineries and Major Equipments:

  • Governors (Watt, Porter, Proell, Hartnell)
  • Gyroscope
  • CAM Mechanism Set up
  • Vibration Testing Machine
  • Reciprocating Machine

List of Experiments:

  • Carrying out the experiment on Cam and plotting of the follower displacement diagram. Also drawing of the Cam profile of a rigid eccentric cam .
  • Determination of the spring stiffness, sensitiveness, centrifugal force and equilibrium speed of the Hartnell Governor.
  • Determination of the sensitiveness, centrifugal force and equilibrium speed of the Proell Governor and Plotting of curve regarding the lift of governor with speed
  • Analysis of vibratory systems of single and more than one degree of freedom in linear and rotary systems by Vibration Testing Machine.
  • Balancing of reciprocating masses by using Reciprocating Machine.
  • Determination of the active and reactive gyroscopic couples of a motorised gyroscope.