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ARIIA 2021

Techno India Batanagar, conducted an exhibition on project and prototype display. This exhibition was hosted in the year of 2018. We are glad to announce that the students from our department stood runners up in that competition. The names of the students are Saumadeep Guha, Nilendu Saha and Rishav Sadhu. Their prototype was pretty simple and efficient enough to grab the runners up position.
The abstract and idea of the project is given below

The project titled as “BLIND ASSISTANCE STICK” is aimed to help the blind or visually aided section of our society. We all have seen people with least vision in their eye walking through the streets with a stick (wooden or metal) in their hand and trying to locate objects by striking those with the free end of the stick. But with that they can not exactly locate the distance, type and few features of the obstacles. That is where our project comes in to help. The project with the help of sensors locate obstacles in front of the person and detects the distance of it from itself. With simple programming this can be achieved in our daily life. We also have added a system to alert them after detecting the obstacles by making a beep sound through a high end buzzer connected with the circuits. For people who can not hear, we have added a feature of a vibration motor in the handle of the stick that the person will be holding so that they can get a vibration sensation on their skin whenever there is an obstacle in front of them.