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ARIIA 2021

On the date of 16th, 17th & 18th MARCH for the first time students of 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Department of Techno International Newtown under the initiative named QUASAR, successfully conducted and organized the workshop on DRONE TECHNOLOGY: "Make Your Drone on Your Own."

Under the supreme guidance and help of faculty members and Head of Department (ME), Prof. Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi this workshop was conducted with ease. Students from all the departments of 2nd and 1st year participated in the workshop. The first day was full on theory based where the students were taught about the basics and fundamentals of aerodynamics and flight of planes with the help of interactive videos and ppt slides. Then they were taught about the basic controls and settings that is required to fly a typical QUADCOPTER. The entire theory based session was taught by SAUMADEEP GUHA (Co-founder, QUASAR)4th year, ME student and handled by the organizing committee which included 9 members as follows:

2)Nilendu Saha (Co-founder, QUASAR)
3)Rishav Sadhu(Co-founder, QUASAR)
4)Wasil Azeem
5)Pratim Datta
6)Writaja Chakravarty
7)Jit Ghosh
8)Sayan Nag Chowdhry
9)Utsab Jana
10)Ranadeep Bose

The next two days of workshop was fully practical based where students were divided into several groups of 13-14 members each. Each group was provided with a Mentor/Coordinator who taught them about the entire assembly and settings and components which are required in a successful flight of a QUADCOPTER. After the assembly of the components, fully furnished QUADCOPTER was then taken out to the ground of the college where the successful flight testing of each assembled drone was done under proper guidance and full precautions.
Then at the end of the workshop each student was provided with a certificate of successfully completing the workshop.
It got a great positive response from the students and TICT will be looking forward for more workshops to be conducted on various technical and non technical topics by QUASAR.