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ARIIA 2021

ISTE workshop on “Concepts of Fluid Mechanics”
20th -30th May, 2014
Under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India)
Conducted by: IIT Kharagpur @Mechanical Engineering Department, TICT, Rajarhat
Speaker:  Professor (Dr.) S. Chakraborty, IIT, Kharagpur
Professor (Dr.) S. K.  SOM, IIT, Kharagpur
RC Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi (HOD, ME, TICT)

Seminar on “An Introduction to CFD and it’s application in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer”
28th February, 2015
Speaker: Dr. Himadri Chattopadhyay (Professor, ME, JU)
Dr. Swarnendu Sen (Professor, ME, JU)

Conducted by: Mechanical Engineering department, TICT, Rajarhat.
Convener  Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi (HOD, ME, TICT)
Expert talk on “Theory and application of Heat Transfer” by Dr. Himadri Chattopadhyay (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University) on 01.03.2016
Expert talk on “ Concept of Design of Machine Elements” by Dr. Debasish Dutta (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIEST, Shibpur) on 03.03.2016
Expert talk on “ Kinematic Structure and Kinematic System of Machine Tools” by Dr. A. B. Chattopadhyay (Ex-Professor, IIT, Kharagpur) on 04.04.2016
Expert talk on “ Concept of Mechanism and Kinematic of Machines” by Dr. Susenjit Sarkar (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University) on 07.04.2016
Expert talk on “ Strength of Material: theory and application” by Dr. Abhijit Chanda (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department Jadavpur University) on 12.04.2016