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A. Workshop, Seminar & Webinar:


 Expert Talk On Solar Energy & Piping Engineering

Techno International New Town formerly known as Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized expert talk on 17 th Sep, 2020 and the topic was "Expert Talk On Solar Energy & Piping Engineering". The honorable speaker were Mr. B K Panda, Chief Manager E & M Department, Coal India & Mr. A K Mandal, Ex Vice President & HOD Reliance.



Workshop on Basics of Automotive Engineering

Techno International New Town formerly known as Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized Workshop on Basics of Automotive Engineering” on 29th March 2019. TINT & IIT Kharagpur hosted this workshop.



Abhigyan Tech Quiz competition 2019

Techno International New Town formerly known as Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized “Abhigyan Tech Quiz competition 2019" on 29th Aug 2019TINT & ASME both hosted this quiz competition.

DSC 1432


One day Academia Seminar

Techno International New Town formerly known as Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized One Day Industry Academia Seminar on 26th Nov, 2020 and the topic was "Condition-based Maintenance (An Essential Tool for Mechanical Engineering) & Advanced Micromachining and Finishing ". The honorable speaker were Prof. (Dr.) Achintya Choudhury, Vice Chancellor/, Bhartiya Skill Development University Jaipur & Prof. Dr. Golam Kibria, Professor, ME Dept., Aliah University, Kolkata.


Introduction to Robotics and its Importance in Industry

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Techno International Newtown organized 2-Days Workshop on “Introduction to Robotics and its Importance in Industry” on 8th and 9th July 2021. In this workshop Mr. Shouvik Sarkar (Technical head of Ardent Computech Pvt. Ltd.) shared his knowledge and experience. It became a successful event with presence of honorable Director sir Prof. (Dr.) R. T. Goswami (TINT) and honorable Director madam Prof. (Dr.) Summauli Pyne (SNU & TIG).

me bannar4

Energy and Environmental Challenges to Engineers

Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a Webinar on “Energy and Environmental Challenges to Engineers” on 18th Jun 2021. In this Programme, Sri Prabir Kumar Raychaudhuri, past president (Engineering Science), Indian Science Congress Association, Former Director & Chief regional Coordinator, Eastern Region, PCRA, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Gov. of India presented a webinar to our students.

me bannar3


Fluid Power and its Applications

A one-day Industry-academia Webinar was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, of this Institute on “Fluid Power and its Applications” on 21st May 2021.Sri Amit Ranjan Dasgupta, Retired Executive Director (Projects), Steel Authority of India Limited, delivered the lecture on the above topic to our mechanical engineering students.

me bannar2


Condition-based Maintenance & Advance Micromachining and Finishing

 Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a one-day seminar on “Condition-based Maintenance & Advance Micromachining and Finishing” on 26th September 2020. Professor (Dr.) Achintya Choudhury, Vice Chancellor, Bhartiya Skill Development University, Jaipur shared his knowledge on Condition-based Maintenance (An Essential Tool for Mechanical Engineering). On the same day Professor (Dr.) Golam Kibria, ME Department, Aliah University, Kolkata enlightened on Advanced Micromachining and Finishing.

 me bannar1



Encouraging young minds towards futuristic Defence Technology

me webingo 1Scientist of  DRDO, Mr. Souvik Sonar was presented on the topic "Encouraging young minds towards futuristic Defence Technology" to shape young minds with his kind and Encouraging words in association with WEBINGO.











me event1Mechanical Engineering department had organized “SCIFEST 2K20” which was online project competition for 9-12th standard students which was highly successful event, held from 20-25th May, 2020.












me event2



Drone Design using SOLIDWORKS :

me event3

Mechanical Engineering department had organized a Webinar on “Drone Design using SOLIDWORKS” in Association with Training and Placement Dept. and with Technical Partner Abacus Digital, which was grand & successful event, held on June 25th&26th, 2020 .











 B. Cultural Activities:


Every year Mechanical Engineering Department organizes a beautiful cultural program on Teacher’s Day, 5th September. Students and faculties of the Mechanical engineering Department joyfully participate in this program. Apart from that on Engineer’s Day, Fresher’s Welcome and Fare well our department organize different cultural program to make it more colorful. We encourage our students who are passionate about their literary practices.


C.  Project Competition:


Paddle Power Washing Machine

 Joy Chakraborty, Arnab Kr Mishra, Hritick Singh, Anwesha Mallick, Mr. Arindam Roy Goswami 

A project 'Paddle Power Washing Machine' has been selected for participation in Regional Convention of AICTE-Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards for on 26 December, 2019. Out of 1476 shortlisted teams from all over India 401 teams were called for Practical Demonstration of the proposed solution.

In addition, 2nd yr Students of Mechanical Engg. secured 1st prize on "Management day, sustainability in business economy", conducted by Sister Nibedita University on 25th February, 2020 for their project‘Pedal power Washing Machine’.


 Heat Flash

Ankit Kumar Gupta, Arnab Dhara, Arkendu Garai, Anish Kumar Singh, Mr. Arindam Roy Goswami me 18

A team of four students from 2nd yr mechanical Engineering Department, Techno International Newtown, were awarded 2nd position at the event 'Energia 2k19', Kolkata. Project ‘Waste energy harvester’ was an energy harvester that could utilize heat of human palm and convert it to usable electricity of around 5 Volts. Event organized by Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM) on April 30, 2019.




Create your Elevator pitch in 6 hrs

Rishav Sadhu, Ankit Kumar Gupta Student have won xTech Incubation Programme package from ‘THINK AGAIN LAB’ for the next 6 months. They had their 1st successful meet up and workshop whose Learning Outcome were a part of xTech Incubation programme on "Create your Elevator pitch in 6 hrs" on the 7th of May 2019. They launched a Startup ‘LAYAANA’ which is an App based hyperlocal delivery service that helps a customer to get an on-demand doorstep delivery which includes a number of services.

The thinker - Dust collector from plastic waste

TrishitJanah, Abhimanyu Kumar, Amit Kumar Thakur, Mr. Arindam Roy Goswamicollage 1

Team “The thinker” from 1st year Mechanical engineering students team, achieved 3rd runner prize in project competition “Spice 2019", conducted by ECE and ME department, among likely 31 teams. They built a dust collector from plastic waste.






 Manufacturing from drawing/sample to finished salable product and advanced

Techno International New Town formerly known as Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized expert talk on 12 th Sep, 2018 and the topic was "Manufacturing from drawing/sample to finished salable product and advanced (Tungsten carbide insert) cutting tools technology". The honorable speaker was Mr. Subrata Sen, Manager, Syndicated Tooling Solution & Sales.

Pic 2

Workshop on Basics of Automobile Engineering

Techno International New Town formerly known as Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized Workshop on “Basics of Automobile Engineering” on 05th Oct 2018. TINT & Team of IIT Kharagpurhosted this workshop.

Pic 3


Workshop on Drone Technology

Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized Workshop on “Drone Technology” on 16th to 18th March 2018.



Workshop on Automobile Basics and Advancement

Techno India College of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department organized Workshop on Automobile Basics and Advancement + SAE Fabrication and Designing” on 12th & 13th April 2017. TINT & Auto-Next Tata motor hosted this workshop.

me picture1 me picture2

Techno India Batanagar, conducted an exhibition on project and prototype display. This exhibition was hosted in the year of 2018. We are glad to announce that the students from our department stood runners up in that competition. The names of the students are Saumadeep Guha, Nilendu Saha and Rishav Sadhu. Their prototype was pretty simple and efficient enough to grab the runners up position.
The abstract and idea of the project is given below

The project titled as “BLIND ASSISTANCE STICK” is aimed to help the blind or visually aided section of our society. We all have seen people with least vision in their eye walking through the streets with a stick (wooden or metal) in their hand and trying to locate objects by striking those with the free end of the stick. But with that they can not exactly locate the distance, type and few features of the obstacles. That is where our project comes in to help. The project with the help of sensors locate obstacles in front of the person and detects the distance of it from itself. With simple programming this can be achieved in our daily life. We also have added a system to alert them after detecting the obstacles by making a beep sound through a high end buzzer connected with the circuits. For people who can not hear, we have added a feature of a vibration motor in the handle of the stick that the person will be holding so that they can get a vibration sensation on their skin whenever there is an obstacle in front of them.

On the date of 16th, 17th & 18th MARCH for the first time students of 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Department of Techno International Newtown under the initiative named QUASAR, successfully conducted and organized the workshop on DRONE TECHNOLOGY: "Make Your Drone on Your Own."

Under the supreme guidance and help of faculty members and Head of Department (ME), Prof. Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi this workshop was conducted with ease. Students from all the departments of 2nd and 1st year participated in the workshop. The first day was full on theory based where the students were taught about the basics and fundamentals of aerodynamics and flight of planes with the help of interactive videos and ppt slides. Then they were taught about the basic controls and settings that is required to fly a typical QUADCOPTER. The entire theory based session was taught by SAUMADEEP GUHA (Co-founder, QUASAR)4th year, ME student and handled by the organizing committee which included 9 members as follows:

2)Nilendu Saha (Co-founder, QUASAR)
3)Rishav Sadhu(Co-founder, QUASAR)
4)Wasil Azeem
5)Pratim Datta
6)Writaja Chakravarty
7)Jit Ghosh
8)Sayan Nag Chowdhry
9)Utsab Jana
10)Ranadeep Bose

The next two days of workshop was fully practical based where students were divided into several groups of 13-14 members each. Each group was provided with a Mentor/Coordinator who taught them about the entire assembly and settings and components which are required in a successful flight of a QUADCOPTER. After the assembly of the components, fully furnished QUADCOPTER was then taken out to the ground of the college where the successful flight testing of each assembled drone was done under proper guidance and full precautions.
Then at the end of the workshop each student was provided with a certificate of successfully completing the workshop.
It got a great positive response from the students and TICT will be looking forward for more workshops to be conducted on various technical and non technical topics by QUASAR.

About The Program :
A small initiative taken by team QUASAR on behalf of Mechanical Engineering dept. Techno International Newtown which surprisingly comes out with a great result of hundred plus students and a great feedback. The workshop on Robotics was organized and taught by the students of M.E dept. with the support of HOD of ME and help from other faculty members. With people support and appreciation QUASAR promises to launch new ideas and go on with its determination of providing reasonable and valuable workshops to the students.

How Quasar came?

An initiative taken by three students viz. RISHAV SADHU, SAUMADEEP GUHA, NILENDU SAHA and supported by all has proven to be a good investment and can be trusted with the prestige of Techno INTERNATIONAL NEWTOWN.

25th & 26th of February

Mechanical Engineering Department arranged two days workshop on 12th & 13th April 2017 at TICT on “Automobile Basics and Advancement + SAE Fabrication and Designing”. AUTO-NEXT conducted the Workshop. 137 Students from different colleges participated in the Workshop. Around 90 students attended the program. In the workshop, the faculties of AUTO-NEXT gave a theoretical as well as practical demonstration of different parts of Automobiles. They also discussed the design aspects of Automobiles. Educational visit in Kolaghat Thermal Power Plant Station West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited, Kolaghat 25/04/2017.

Some snapshot of Automotive Engineering Workshop was conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering of Techno International New Town with association of TEAM Kart which is FORMULA 1 car design team of IIT KHARAGPUR.



Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards 2017 was given by AITCE to the Students of Mechanical Department of Techno India College of Technology for their project Solar Intensity Tracker. Outline of the project is "Absorbing maximum amount of the solar energy for a solar panel is very effective for a solar panel installed in college campus as well as at other places such as street lights. But a normal solar panel can’t absorb the maximum intensity of the sunlight due to change of sun’s direction. Henceforth this work aims to solve this problem of energy production by changing the direction of the solar panel with the sun". This is done in association with 

Faculty Name: Arindam Roy Goswami

Team Members:

Saumadeep Guha

Nilendu Saha

Rishav Sadhu


ISTE workshop on “Concepts of Fluid Mechanics”
20th -30th May, 2014
Under the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India)
Conducted by: IIT Kharagpur @Mechanical Engineering Department, TICT, Rajarhat
Speaker:  Professor (Dr.) S. Chakraborty, IIT, Kharagpur
Professor (Dr.) S. K.  SOM, IIT, Kharagpur
RC Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi (HOD, ME, TICT)

Seminar on “An Introduction to CFD and it’s application in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer”
28th February, 2015
Speaker: Dr. Himadri Chattopadhyay (Professor, ME, JU)
Dr. Swarnendu Sen (Professor, ME, JU)

Conducted by: Mechanical Engineering department, TICT, Rajarhat.
Convener  Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi (HOD, ME, TICT)
Expert talk on “Theory and application of Heat Transfer” by Dr. Himadri Chattopadhyay (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University) on 01.03.2016
Expert talk on “ Concept of Design of Machine Elements” by Dr. Debasish Dutta (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIEST, Shibpur) on 03.03.2016
Expert talk on “ Kinematic Structure and Kinematic System of Machine Tools” by Dr. A. B. Chattopadhyay (Ex-Professor, IIT, Kharagpur) on 04.04.2016
Expert talk on “ Concept of Mechanism and Kinematic of Machines” by Dr. Susenjit Sarkar (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Jadavpur University) on 07.04.2016
Expert talk on “ Strength of Material: theory and application” by Dr. Abhijit Chanda (Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department Jadavpur University) on 12.04.2016