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Events at TICT

Half day seminars on Image Representation and Biomedical Instrumentation
Monday, November 12, 2018, 10:00am - 05:00pm
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Half-day seminars
Image Representation and Encoding Techniques
Biomedical Instrumentation and Device Innovation
organized by
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
in association with
IEEE Student Branch, Techno International New Town

The IEEE Student Branch of Techno International New Town (formerly, Techno India College of Technology) organized two half-day seminars on 12th November, 2018. Two eminent speakers were invited to deliver presentations on topics relevant to the latest trends of industrial production. Professor (Dr.) DebranjanSarkar, an eminent Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of this Institute, was invited to deliver a speech on Image Representation and Encoding Techniques. Prof. Sarkar’s lecture was followed by the presentation on the topicBiomedical Instrumentation and Device Innovationby Professor (Dr.) Pradip Kumar Ghosh, Professor of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of this Institute.
    Professor (Dr.) R. T. Goswami, Director of Techno International New Town in his inaugural speech, welcome the honourable guest speakers and the audience, and declared the opening of the session. In the first session, Professor DebranjanSarkar explained different aspects of image representation with various conventional encoding techniques. Prof. Sarkar started with the very basics of image representation, basic rules such as the chain code, polygonal approximation, etc. He focussed on the algorithms which areprimarily followed while constructing a virtual analogue of a normal image. Prof. Sarkar also discussed the importance of Figure of Merit for proper encoding of an image. The session was very interesting and attracted the attention of the students. The session came to an end with the vote of thanks by Professor (Dr.) ManabendraMaiti, Head of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    The post-lunch session started with the brief introduction of the speaker Professor (Dr.) Pradip Kumar Ghosh by Mr.JudhajitSanyal of IEEE Student Branch of TICT. At the beginning, Professor Ghosh gave an outline of Biomedical Instrumentation. He explained the difficulties associated with measurements of biomedical signs of human bodies followed by the functioning of various biomedical instruments of the 21st century which are essential to diagnose irregularities in the body. Professor Ghosh also presented some of the projects (both hardware & software implementation) completed by the students of different engineering institutions in the broad areas of biomedical engineering. Finally, he pointed out some of the areas where the engineering students can contribute to the design of medical equipment for disabled individuals, and convinced students that this Rehabilitation engineering requires joint venture of various engineering disciplines. The session ended with the vote of thanks by the Head of ECE department.
    The participating students and faculty members were enriched with latest technologies and learned how the present industry sectors are utilizing the latest technologies. The audience (students in particular) highly appreciated the seminar, gave positive feedback, and expressedinterests to participate in such kind of informative seminars.


Photo Gallery

Pre-lunch Session

seminar pic 1

seminar pic 3

seminar pic 4

            Prof. (Dr.) R.T. Goswami receiving a token of thanks.

seminar pic 5

                   Prof. (Dr.) D. Sarkar receiving a token of thanks from the student.

seminar pic 6

                      Prof. (Dr.) D. Sarkardelivering his speech.

seminar pic 7

                     Prof. (Dr.) D. Sarkar receiving a small token of thanks from Dr. M. Maiti


Post-lunch Session:

seminar pic 2


seminar pic 9

              Prof. (Dr.) P.K.Ghosh being welcomed by member of IEEE student branch, TICT.

seminar pic 10

                Ongoing presentation - Some section of participants attending the seminar

seminar pic 11

Prof. (Dr.) P. K. Ghosh and Prof. (Dr.) M. Maiti along with the members of the IEEE Student Branch, TICT and participants.