EE-782 & EE-882 (7th & 8th Semester)

Major Equipments:

  • Dismantled 3 –Φ Squirrel cage Induction motor.
  • Dismantled 3 –Φ Slip-ring Induction motor
  • Dismantled   D.C. motor
  • Cut section model of DC Machine(Motor)
  • Cut Section model of 1-phase Capacitor motor
  • Cut section model of 3-phase slip ring Induction motor
  • Cut section model 1-phase core type transformer
  • Cut section model single shell type transformer
  • Material for fabrication of 1-phase Transformer
  • Cut sectional model of synchronous machine
  • Cut section model of 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor
  • Cut section model of 3 phase 3 winding transformer
  • Material including core & winding to made 1 phase fan complete with winding machine
  • Fabrication of iron core induction completed with core & mechanical system.
  • Winding Machines.

Experiment List:

  • Designing a heating element with specified wattage, voltage and ambient temperature. Designing an aircore grounding reactor with specified operating voltage, nominal current and fault current.
  • Designing the power distribution system for a small township
  • Designing a double circuit transmission line for a given voltage level and power (MVA) transfer.
  • Wiring and installation design of a multistoried residential building (G+4 not less than 16 dwelling flats with a lift and common pump)
  • Designing of a substation
  • Designing an ONAN distribution transformer.
  • Designing a three phase squirrel cage induction motor.
  • Designing a three phase wound rotor induction motor.
  • Designing a split phase squirrel cage induction motor for a ceiling fan or a domestic pump. Designing a permanent magnet fractional hp servo motor.