EE 791 (7th Semester)

Major Equipments:

  1. Induction Motor
  1. DC Motor
  2. Universal Motor
  3. V/f Drive
  4. DC Drive
  5. AC Voltage Controller
  6. Chopper
  7. Dual Converter
  8. PLC
  9. Speed sensor

Experiment List:

     1. Study of thysistor controlled DC Drive.

2. Study of Chopper fed DC Drive

3. Study of AC Single phase motor-speed control using TRIAC.

4. PWM Inverter fed 3 phase Induction Motor control using PSPICE / MATLAB / PSIM Software.

5. VSI / CSI fed Induction motor Drive analysis using MATLAB/DSPICE/PSIM Software.

6. Study of V/f control operation of 3Φ induction motor drive.

7. Study of permanent magnet synchronous motor drive fed by PWM Inverter using Software.

8. Regenerative / Dynamic braking operation for DC Motor - Study using software.

9. Regenerative / Dynamic braking operation of AC motor - study using software.

10. PC/PLC based AC/DC motor control operation.