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EE-691 (6th Semester)

Major Equipments and Software:

  • Process control Simulator(for linear system & PID Study).
  • Dual Trace Digital storage Oscilloscope.
  • DC Motor Speed and Position Control system with
  • Analog PID controller
  • Digital controller based on Arduino and Computer Interfacing.

Experiment List:

  • Study of a practical position control system obtaining closed step responses for gain setting corresponding to overdamped and under-damped responses. Determination of rise time and peak time using individualized components by simulation. Determination of un-dampednatural frequency and damping ratio from experimentaldata.
  • Tuning of P, PI and PID controller for first order plant with dead time using Z-N method. Process parameters (time constant and delay/lag) will be provided. The gain of the controller to be computed by using Z-N method. Steady state and transient performance of the closed loop plant to be noted with and without steady disturbances. The theoretical phase margin and gain margin to be calculated manually for each gain setting.
  • Design of Lead, Lag and Lead-Lag compensation circuit for the given plant transfer function. Analyze step response of the system by simulation.
  • Obtain Transfer Function of a given system from State Variable model and vice versa. State variable analysis of a physical system - obtain step response for the system by simulation.

  • State variable analysis using simulation tools. To obtain step response and initial condition response for a single input, two-output system in SV form by simulation.

  • Performance analysis of a discrete time system using simulation tools. Study of closed response of a continuous system with a digital controller and sample and hold circuit by simulation.

  • Study of the effects of nonlinearity in a feedback controlled system using time response. Determination of step response with a limiter nonlinearity introduced into the forward path of 2nd order unity feedback control systems. The open loop plant will have one pole at the origin and other pole will be in LHP or RHP. To verify that

                      (i) with open loop stable pole, the response is slowed down for larger amplitude input
                      (ii) for unstable plant, the closed loop system may become oscillatory with large input amplitude by simulation

  • Study of effect of nonlinearity in a feedback controlled system using phase plane plots. Determination of phase plane trajectory and possibility of limit cycle of common nonlinearities.

Beyond the Curriculum:

  • Demonstration of real-time speed control system with PC based motor control control setup.
  • Demonstration of tuning of state feedback controller for PC based position control system