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Post-Graduation course (Specialization - Power System)

Major Equipments:

  • Tri-vector meter and Digital Energymeter
  • Over-Current Relay.
  • Earth Fault Relays
  • On time and Off time Relays
  • Over-Voltage Relay.
  • Under-voltage Relays
  • Definite Time Relay.
  • Definite time delay Relay
  • Negative Sequence Relay.
  • Differential relay
  • Directional Over Current Relay.
  • Auxiliary Relay.
  • Numeric Relay
  • Reverse power Relay.
  • Under frequency Relay
  • Mi-com Relay
  • Motor-Alternator sets
  • Cable Fault Locator
  • E-TAP,Mi-Power, Power-world, Matlab, PSIM, MULTISIM, etc

Experiment List:

  • Measurement of Electrical Energy using Digital Energy Meter and Tri-vector meter
  • Parallel operation of 3Ø Transformers
  • Synchronising multiple 3 phase alternators with power grid.
  • To study the operations of phase shifting transformer cum induction regulator.
  • Study of different transformer protection schemes.
  • Study of active and reactive power control of alternator.
  • Study of different generator protection schemes.
  • Study of different motor protection schemes.
  • Study of different protection schemes for feeder.
  • Study the operations of Solar Panel, MPPT, BUCK-BOOST converters, Energy storage devices.
  • Determine location of fault using cable fault locator.
  • Simulation and research on power generation, transmission and distribution network using advanced software simulators.