PC-EE-592 (5th Semester)

Major Equipments:

  • Multifunction load manager.
  • Alternator-Generator Set.
  • Earth tester and Megger.
  • High Voltage Insulators.
  • Transformer oil di-electric strength evaluator.

Experiment List:

  • Determination of the generalized constants A.B, C, D of long transmission line and regulation of a 3-Φ transmission line model
  • Study of distribution system by network analyzer.
  • Measurement of earth resistance by earth tester.
  • Determination of dielectric strength of insulating oil.
  • Determination of breakdown strength of solid insulating material
  • Determination of parameter of 3-Φ transmission line model by power circle diagram
  • Study of different types of insulator.
  • Study of active and reactive power control of alternator.
  • Study and analysis of an electrical transmission line circuit with the help of software
  • Determination of dielectric constant, tan delta, resistivity of transformer oil.

Beyond the Curriculum:

  • Determine location of fault using cable fault locator.