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PC-EE-492 (4th Semester)

Major Equipments:

  • Voltmeter, Ammeter, Power Supply meter & load bank, Wattmeter.
  • Unit consists of power supply meter & load bank,Rheostats.
  • Calibration of voltmeter & ammeter by DC potentiometer kit.
  • Rheostats,Potentiometer with jocky,Potential Transformer.
  • Kelvin double bridge kit
  • Wien Bridge Kit.
  • ANDERSON Bridge kit.
  • Moving coil, Rectifier type DC voltmeter,Digital multimeter,C.R.O.
  • Current Transformer,Variac,Energy Meter,Portable type D.C. voltmeter.
  • De Sauty bridge kit,Modified de - sauty bridge kit with built in oscillator
  • variable resistance, null detector, connecting sockets etc.

Experiment List:

  • Calibration of moving iron & dynamometer type ammeter & voltmeter.
  • Calibration of moving iron & dynamo meter type watt meter.
  • Calibration of ammeter & voltmeter by DC potentiometer.
  • Calibration of energy meter.
  • Calibration of voltmeter & ammeter with standard voltmeter & ammeter.
  • Instrument workshop.
  • Measurement of resistance by Kelvin double bridge.
  • Measurement of power by instrument transformer.
  • Measurement of frequency by WIEN Bridge.
  • Measurement of inductance by 'ANDERSON Bridge'.
  • Measurement of capacitance by de-sauty bridge.
  • Measurement of capacitance by modified de-sauty bridge.

Beyond the Curriculum:

  • Measurement of energy using digital Energy Meter and Tri-Vector meter.
  • Measurement of earth resistance using Megger.