PC-EE-591(5th Semester)

Major Equipments:

  • Induction Motor,Star- Delta Starter, D-O-L Starter,Auto transformer,Ammeter,Voltmeter.
  • wound rotor Induction Motor,Shunt generator,Wound rotor motor starter,Regulator.
  • Induction Motor,Alternator,DC Excitor,specially designed Induction Motor,Variac.
  • Induction Motor,Variac, Special type frequency controller,Rheostat,Slip ring Motor.
  • 1Ø Load box,Voltmeter DC,Voltmeter AC,ITPC switch,Inductive load box, Capacitive load box.

Experiment List:

  • Different method of starting of a 3Ø squirrel cage Induction Motor & their comparison (DOL, Auto transformer & star delta).
  • Study of equivalent circuit of three phase Induction motor by no load and blocked rotor test.
  • Study of performance of three phase squirrel- cage Induction motor –determination of iron-loss, friction &windage loss
  • Speed Control of 3Ø Induction Motor by V.V & V.F (Variable Frequency) Control.
  • Load test on wound rotor induction motor to obtain the performance characteristics.
  • Study of various connection 3Ø, 6 coil Alternator & its operation at no load.
  • Determine equivalent circuit parameters of 1Ø Induction Motor.
  • To make connection diagram of full pitch & fractional slot winding of a 18 slots sq. cage induction motor for 6 pole & 8 pole operation.
  • To determine the direct axis (Xd) & quadrature reactance (Xq) of a 3Ø synchronous machine by slip test.
  • Load test of 1Ø Induction Motor to obtain performance characteristics.
  • Speed Control of 3Ø slip ring Induction Motor by Rotor Resistance Control.
  • Determination of regulation of synchronous machine.
  • Determination of magnetisation characteristics of an alternator.
  • To study the performance of Induction generator