PC-EE-391 (3rd Semester)

Major Equipments:

  • DSO, CRO, Milli-voltmeter and ammeter, Digital meter, Analog meter, multi-meter, LC meter
  • Function Generator, True AC milli-voltmeter, True AC milli-ammeter, 
  • RLC trainer Kit, RC and RL trainer kit
  • Passive low pass and High pass filter kit, 
  • Active low pass, High pass, band pass & band reject filter kit,
  • Trainer kit for measurement of Impedance (Z) and Admittance (Y) parameter of two-port network
  • 1Ø Load box, Inductive load box, Capacitive load box.
  • MATLAB (Software)

Experiment List:

  • Transient response of R-L and R-C network: simulation with software & hardware
  • Transient response of R-L-C series and parallel circuit: simulation with software & hardware
  • Determination of Impedance (Z) and Admittance (Y) parameter of two-port network: simulation & hardware.
  • Frequency response of LP and HP filters: simulation & hardware.
  • Frequency response of BP and BR filters: simulation & hardware.
  • Generation of Periodic, Exponential, Sinusoidal, Damped Sinusoidal, Step, Impulse, Ramp signal using MATLAB in both discrete and analog form.
  • Determination of Laplace transform and Inverse Laplace transform using MATLAB.
  • Amplitude and Phase spectrum analysis of different signals using MATLAB.
  • Verification of Network theorems using software & hardware.

Beyond the Curriculum:

  • Generation of matrices and its operation in MATLAB.