An initiative by the faculty and students of CSE Department of TICT to spread computer literacy to school students of rural areas and motivate school students of urban areas to take up computer based projects.


To enhance the computer literacy rate of the students and enhance the students to carry out computer oriented projects.


CSE Department of TICT shall aim to identify to some school with insufficient infrastructure to provide computer literacy to their students and work to create interest among them to become computer literate with an ambition to take up computer science as their career and to take part in the department of Computer Science /IT oriented hardware /software in the future.


    To create interest to computer based systems among students.
    To spread computer literacy
    To motivate growing children to participate in computer activities.
    To reduce digital divide to some extent.

Contact: email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR send us a letter as per the format below.


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