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Major Equipments:

  • Standard Test Sieves 200 mm Dia, Spun Brass Frames Size 2mm, 1 mm, 600 micron, 425 mic, 300 mic, 212 mic, 150 mic, 75 mic,HS 32.45 Test Sieves 300 mm Dia, G. I. Sheet Frames Size 100mm, 80 mm, 40mm, 20 mm, 10mm, 4.75mm,HS31.05 Sieve Shaker (Hand Operated).
  • Thermometer 0-100ยบ C,Wash Bottle,HS 14.20 Pycnometer,3" Aluminium Container IS:2720(Part-XXIX),Balance, Model No TTB (10 kg/0.01 g) Sl. No.30892., HOS Hot Air Oven Electrically Operated Thermostatically Controlled, (inside Chamber Stainless Steel), With Air Circulating fan and digital temperature controller, Size 18" x 18" x 18".
  • Lid pan,HS14.25 Density bottle,Wash Bottle,Balance, Model No TTB (10 kg/0.01 g).
  • HS 14.20 Pycnometer,100 ml glass measuring cylinder jar(Borosil),Stop watch,1000 ml glass beaker,Balance, Model No TTB (10 kg/0.01 g)Sl. No.30892.
  • Porcelin evaporating dish, medium size,HS 10.10 Liquid limit device, Hand operated with counter,HS 10.30 Shrinkage Limit Apparatus,Stop watch.
  • HS14.05 Field Density Kit IS:2720(Part-XXIX),Spatula,Trowel,300 X300 mm G. I. Tray,450 X300 mm G. I. Tray.
  • Core Cutter Apparatus,Rammer,Trowel,Spatula,300 X300 mm G. I. Tray,450 X300 mm G. I. Tray,Universal Extruder. Hand Operated.
  • HS 10.37 Hydrometer,Glass rod 15 to 20 CM iong & 4 to 5 mm in Diameter,100 ml glass measuring cylinder jar(Borosil),HS 10.45 High Speed Stirrer.
  • Overhead Tank for above,HS 12.10 Universal Permeameter,Mercury (500 gm),Thermometer 0-100 o C,Wash Bottle.

Experiment List:

  • Field identification of different types of soil as per Indian standards [collection of field samples and identifications without laboratory testing].
  • Determination of natural moisture content.
  • Determination of specific gravity of Cohesionless soil.
  • Determination of specific gravity of cohesive soil.
  • Determination of Plastic limit, liquid limit and Shrinkage limit of soil.
  • Determination of Insitu density by sand replacement method.
  • Determination of Insitu density by core cutter method .
  • Grain size distribution of cohessionless soil by finegrained soil by hydrometer analysis.
  • Determination of co- efficient of permeability by constant head pemeameter (coarse grained soil).
  • Determination of co- efficient of permeability by variable head parameter (fine grained soil).