Major Equipments:

  • Aggregate imapct tester with automatic blow counter as per IS 2386(PART-IV),Water absorption, density basket as per IS 2386.
  • LOS angles abrasion testing machine as per IS 2386 (P-IV),Pensky materials flash point tester closed cup.
  • Laboratory CBR test,Marshall stability and compaction as per ASTM D 1559,Benkleman beam appt.
  • Bitumen container 55MM X 35MM,Bitumen container 55MM X 57MM,Bitumen laboratory mixer.
  • Clip for open flash point,Thermometer IP60C,Standard penetrometer as per IS 1203.
  • Flakiness index as per IS 2386(P-1),Elongation index as per IS 2386(P-1).
  • Specific gravity bottle glass for bitumen,Stripping value test apparatius.

Experiment List:

  • Tests on highway materials – Aggregates- Impact value, Los-Angeles Abrasion value water absorption , Elongation & Flakiness Index.
  • Bitumen & bituminous materials: Specific gravity, penetration value, softening point, loss on heating, Flash & Fire point Test.
  • Stripping value test
  • Design of B.C. & S.D.B.C. Mix
  • CBR Test
  • Marshal Stability Test
  • Benkelman beam Test.