Major Equipments:

  • Vicat Apparatus with Dashpot Confirming to IS:5513-1976,Standard Test Sieve,Sieve Shaker – Motorised.
  • Flexure Testing Machine Motorised,Vibrating Machine IS: 10080-1982,Concrete Test Rebound Hammer.
  • Laboratory Concrete Mixer 1 cu.ft Capacity,Compaction Factor appsratus,Slump Test Apparatus.
  • Le-Chatelier water bath,Compression testing Machine,Vee-Bee Consistometer IS: 10510-1983.

Experiment List:

  • Tests on cement – specific gravity, fineness, soundness, normal consistency, setting time, compressive strength on cement mortar cubes.
  • Tests on fine aggregate – specific gravity, bulking, sieve analysis, fineness modules, moisture content , bulkdensity and deleterious materials.
  • Tests on coarse aggregate - specific gravity, sieve analysis, fineness modulus, bulk density.
  • Tests on Fresh Concrete: Workability : Slump, Vee-Bee, Compaction factor tests.
  • Hardened Concrete: Compressive strength on Cubes, Split tensile strength, Static modulus of elasticity, Flexure tests , Non destructive testing (Rebound hammer & Ultrasonic pulse velocity).
  • Mix Design of Concrete.