• Instrument workshop- observe the construction of PMMC, Dynamometer, Electro thermal and Rectifier type instrument, Oscilloscope and digital multimeter.
  • Calibrate moving iron and electrodynamometer type ammeter/volmeter by potentiometer
  • Calibrate dynamometer type Wattmeter by potentiometer.
  • Calibrate A.C. energy meter.
  • Measure the resistivity of material using Kelvin Double Bridge.
  • Measurement of Power using Instrument transformer.
  • Measurement of Power in Polyphase circuits.
  • Measurement of Inductance by Anderson Bridge.
  • Measurement of Capacitance by De Sauty Bridge.
  • Study of Static Characteristics of a Measuring Instrument.
  • Study of Dynamic Characteristics of a Measuring Instrument.
  • Acquaintance with basic structure of DMM and measurement of different electrical parameters.
  • Realization of Data Acquisition system.
  • Wave and spectrum analysis using Q meter.
  • Realization of a V-to-I & I-to-V converter

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