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  • Introduction: Study of characteristics curves of B.J.T & F.E.T.
  • Construction of a two-stage R-C coupled amplifier & study of its gain & Bandwidth.
  • Study of class A & class B power amplifiers.
  • Study of class C & Push-Pull amplifiers.
  • Realization of current mirror & level shifter circuit using Operational Amplifiers.
  • Study of timer circuit using NE555 & configuration for monostable&astablemultivibrator.
  • Construction & study of Bistablemultivibrator using NE555.
  • Study of Switched Mode Power Supply & construction of a linear voltage regulator using regulator IC chip.
  • Construction of a simple function generator using IC.
  • Realization of a Phase Locked Loop using Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO).
  • Study of D.A.C & A.D.C.