Techno International New Town (Formerly known as Techno India College of Technology)

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Core Values of the Institution


Our college, Techno International New Town, pledges to shine and excel by imparting quality education that is modern and up-to-date, so as to be at par with the diverse requirements of the society. We encourage persistent intellectual and emotional development of the students as well as the faculty members and staff, in order to ensure a healthy and positive ambience. We are committed to accomplish our mission by nourishing four interdependent core values.


Educational Excellence: Our college serves as the essential catalyst for educational vitality. We believe in helping students achieve their goals by offering distinctive educational programs, a large pool of learning resources and practical exposure in a stimulating environment, accommodating different learning styles, valuing diversity, and preparing them to be successful in a global society. We believe in challenging the students and the faculty members to take responsibility for their holistic development in order to become successful professionals. We believe in maximizing resources and encouraging innovation and planning to meet the evolving needs of our students and stakeholders.


Continuous Enrichment: Academics is expected to engage in continuous professional development and critical self-reflection throughout their career, in order to enhance the learning of the students. Not only formative feedback for students, but also ongoing formative feedback for staff on student learning activity is implemented as it has substantial educational benefits, including facilitating staff as critical practitioners and fostering students’ responsibility for their learning process. Moreover, to provide the students a taste of the true professional world, our college provides the desired industry exposure, organises outreach programmes and develops partnerships.


Learning environment: Our college fosters a positive learning ambience that allows students to feel comfortable and confident as learners. Intellectual growth through self-learning and critical thinking is encouraged. Creativity is fostered through variety; not only in the choice of courses, but also learning materials, besides providing the space for collaborating across disciplines and communities.


Quality Service: We believe in promoting and upholding a multicultural learning environment by striving to remove barriers in educational opportunities and accommodation of students from different cultural backgrounds. This enables students to flourish personally and socially, besides inculcating codes of ethical conduct, developing mutual respect, trust and a sense of responsibility.