Association with CRY & UNICEF


Child Rights & You (CRY) is an Indian NGO that believes in every child's right to learn, grow, play and have a healthy childhood. For over three decades CRY has worked with parents, communities and institutions to ensure lasting change in the lives of more than 2,000,000 underprivileged children across India.

With the intention of bringing about a strong and positive impact CRY is organising a MUN (Model United Nations) on July 22nd and 23rd. This event is brought together in collaboration with UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) and UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council).

UNICEF is a UN programme that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. UNHRC is an inter-governmental body responsible for providing and protecting human rights all across the globe.
The MUN will be held in the campus of Techno India College of Technology. It is an advocacy event. More than 120 students from all across the country are coming forth to participate and talk about Child Rights. The two topics as laid by the committee are:

  •  Pawns on the chess of humanity : trafficking and abuse of children.
  • Disability is not inability: linking special schools to mainstream schools in order to promote inclusive education for differently abled children.

Apart from this, other initiatives such as the Child Rights Leadership Program-TICT chapter has been taken by the college administration and studens joining hands with CRY, Kolkata. This chapter is expanding amongst the students and faculty members with Madhurima Adhikari as the campus ambassador. These individuals share the common dream of providing a normal and healthy life, full of possibilies to the children of the country.

The association of TICT with CRY along with UNICEF and UNHRC will surely make these initiatives a huge success and also ensure lasting changes in the lives of many children.


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