spyneEach year, it is our pleasure to welcome global students at TIG-SNU. We work with them to achieve a shared goal: to transform your future through education. My team and I are committed to doing everything to support you support community in gaining a place in the planet at large.

As Director, Global Affairs & International Relations and Outreach, I ensure that students of our institution receive international exposure of progressive learning with our international partner institutions, paid -internship opportunities, higher education and henceforth employability grooming. After attending a semester of student exchange program with our international partner universities our students become confident enough to be globally employed in today’s competitive market. They will receive high quality teaching, as well as great accompanying support and accommodation during their stay at abroad. We provide the complete package to help students prepare for and succeed on university degree, while making new friends and discovering a new world. I am confident that our one-to-one tutorial sessions, excellent support services will allow our students to fulfil their potential and anticipate in seeing them progress in life.

Dr. Summauli Pyne
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