Program Specific Outcomes:
1. Design, implement, test, operate and do maintenance of the electrical systems by applying the knowledge of electrical engineering.
2. Function effectively in allied fields such as software, electronics, communication and instrumentation by applying the knowledge of computer programming, analog & digital electronics, measurement & instrumentation.
3. Work efficiently as a member or leader in multidisciplinary engineering projects by using management principles and professional ethics.

Program Educational Objectives:
1. Strong foundation in Science, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering to be successful professionals and/ or pursue higher studies.
2. Profound scientific & engineering knowledge to comprehend, analyze, design and create new products for solving real life problems.
3. Leadership skills to work effectively in multidisciplinary engineering project, research and development.
4. Ethical attitude, strong communication skills and capacity to relate engineering issues to social and environmental context.
5. Capacity to be a lifelong learner required for a successful professional career.