After Arthur Jouffe from RSB France as an exchange student, TINT has welcomed the next batch of exchange students for Even Semester, 2019. Tom Michenet and Come Greiveldinger from Rennes School of Business(RSB) is studying with Techno International Newtown(TIN) 3rd year Business Management studentsBoth the students are very enthusiastic about leaning the courses according to the syllabus followed. An induction programme has been planned for a week after which normal classes will commence for them. The students will be staying with us till June, 2019. Special seminars and industry visits have been planned to make their Academic experience more remarkable.

The students from Rennes School of Business- Mr. Maxime HONORE, Ms. Julie VIMBERT and Ms. Laurine JAFFRE studied in the department of Business Management , Techno International Newtown as a part of Student Exchange Programme from February-June 2021. They are from the Department of Business Management, 3rd year batch.