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Physics strives towards the understanding of material universe. To gain this understanding, physicists systematically question nature through experiments. Experiments play a key role in teaching too, not only to explore the knowledge. There is a Chinese proverb about this: 1) I hear, and I forget 2) I see and I remember 3) I do and I understand 4) I do with self-built apparatus and I never forget These are four basic steps. No. 4 I didn’t attempt, but many a times, 2 and 3 play an very effective role. While teaching optics, wave theory, I have tried to give example from things which the students can really relate. One such example is diffraction… the tiny periodic structure of CD or DVD acts as a diffraction grating, the measurement of the length between orders of diffraction and the distance between the screen and the object can provide the period of the tracks. This example is very effective for the students, since with it’s help they would be able to calculate something which they deal frequently in their daily life. Another one is to study polarization with the help of polariscope. These are few examples which I encourage my students to do the experiment (ofcourse with help of some set laboratory equipments along with some innovations) and as a result I found that many questions have been generated among them which in turn results in increasing their interest in subject.

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