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Reinforced Teaching Method: Each teacher has his unique style of teaching and the students have been seen to adopt the technique to some extent. However doing so, the students develop a tendency of selective studying. This results in a framed development of the thought process and a reluctant behavior of the student to bridge the knowledge gap. Thus to break the conventional though process the teacher of the concerned subject arranges a tutorial class to be taken after completion of every chapter/module by a faculty from another section or a teacher who has taught the subject in the precedent semesters. This method not only gives them an exposure to different analogy based learning but also might give a boost on placement based preparations.

Framed Questioning Method: It has always been observed that the knowledge of student become confined due to the lack of appropriate questions to be asked to a professor during his or her lecture or the tutorials. Few students though attentive in the class are reluctant to ask questions either out of confidence or due to shyness or communication problems. This method suggests dividing the students into groups and asking them to give presentations on certain topics. The others students have been seen to be more comfortable in asking questions and sharing their view to their fellow friends than to a teacher. The teachers assume to be a member among the student to help them frame questions and thus improve the questing skills of the audience as well as to improve explaining skills of the host students. This method may be stated to be a ‘guided think pare share method’.

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