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Apart from the conventional "Chalk and Blackboard" method, I apply different innovative teaching techniques to improve the standard or quality of teaching. Effective teaching is necessary for quality enhancement of the students and this can only be materialized by interactive sessions. Interactive session means both sided communication in between the faculty and students.

For making my lectures effective, I first try to understand the target audience and collect information about their requirements, their strengths and weaknesses in the first two –three consecutive classes . Accordingly, I decide the important things to be taken into consideration at the time of delivering lectures. Example :- Identification of English speaking and Non-English speaking students, strong and weak students, Interested and uninterested students etc. This makes teaching very effective.

Another method I use specially in the “Field Theory” class is to make the student visualize the fundamental concepts of “Field Theory” with the help of different 3-D models. The power of visualization and correlation with the real world is very necessary to become a good engineer-this is what I believe. I always try to make my students able to make a bridge in between the theoretical concepts and their practical implementation in the real world. Lab sessions are very useful for that purpose for the courses having Lab sessions like- Basic Electrical Engg .-I, Basic Electrical Engg .-II, Circuit Theory etc.

For making the lecture session more interactive, I sometimes send students to the black board for explaining different topics to boost them up, build up their confidence level and also to make them aware about their strengths and weaknesses such as communication skill, knowledge base, self-confidence etc.

I also use ICT as a medium of innovative teaching technique.

In this running semester, I am planning to conduct quiz sessions by "MOODLE".


0 #1 N. Adhikari 2016-08-10 14:54
It is very helpful for Teachers as well as Students

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