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Several topics in a particular chapter are outlined and written on board. Students are asked to make a group consisting of few students each. The topics are given to different groups either by their own choice or sometimes by the concerned faculty. Each group is given a particular day during the scheduled class for making their presentation, preferably when the particular topic is taken by the concerned teacher. The group can make the presentation by either of the following methods:

  1. Content delivery by making all presentations on the black board.
  2. Only lecture delivery
  3. Presentation on their laptops.
  4. Sometimes they are also asked to explain some latest technologies upcoming in global scenario related with their topic.

Students can show newspaper cuttings or on internet the concerned technologies. After delivering their presentations they share how they have collected the material whether they have collected it from journals, internet, newspaper or some other source. Students have to display their source of information to other students. After the delivery students are asked questions by the concerned faculty for opening their innovative brains and an open forum of discussion is put forth in the class for all the students.  Whole class interacts and they get a better understanding of the topic. If a particular topic has any applications in the industry it is shared with the class. Sometimes they can be taken to the particular industry for showing them the practical implication. This is one of the methods to make them interactive, confident, improve their communication skills. They take the role of the teacher on that particular day and this improves their maturity level. This improves their self learning also as they go to library for collecting more and more information on a particular topic along with searching journals, magazines, newspapers available  in the library.

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