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Innovative Teaching Methods

Model based learning is a very helpful and effective way of learning. Let, assume a student attending a class of machine design without knowing anything about component. But he have to design those mechanical components like Knuckle joint, Cotter joint, Flange coupling, Riveted joint, Screw jack etc.. Let us discuss regarding the design of screw jack. It was also found that most of the students are not familiar about the screw jack. The students will face lots of problems  in designing just by the imaginary component. Even, maximum students don't know: what is a screw jack and how is it works? How it looks like? How many components are there? What are the specific roles of those components?

In this learning process, there is a camera with light. The matter, that a teacher wants to show, should be placed on the desk under the camera. The camera captures video image and sends the signal to an

Apart from the conventional "Chalk and Blackboard" method, I apply different innovative teaching techniques to improve the standard or quality of teaching. Effective teaching is necessary for quality enhancement of the students

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