MBA is among the most popular post graduation courses that students take after completing graduation. This is a professional 2-year post graduate course that is open to students from all fields of specialisation. This course helps the students in developing a managerial perspective. It also aims at enhancing knowledge, and developing communication, management, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills in students.

Management Department aims to help current students and future managers to master the diverse knowledge and skills needed to face the problems and challenges present in modern business environment.

The department regularly organizes research/seminars/webinars/conference with the participation of subject matter experts from leading institutions/Universities worldwide. The students are also encouraged to participate to publish their research paper in reputed Scopus indexed journals.

2. Teaching- High Focus on Academic Excellence:
The department offers  graduate and post graduate level courses through diverse pedagogical tools that translate the research findings into advanced tools, frameworks, and insights to help guide managerial decision making. It includes business case discussions and debate, role play, Management Games.


3. Faculty:
The professors of the department are cantered around major areas: economics, organization behavior, entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounts, Marketing Management, Operations Management and international management. The department faculty regularly publishes in top-tier academic and practitioner journals.

4. Library facility- Latest Learning Systems:
Dedicated departmental library apart from the college library having a rich collection of textbooks, reference books, of the syllabi along magazines.
 Around 500 titles with multiple copies enables the student to lend and learn whenever required. Online platform moodle is extensively used by faculties for sharing resources and conducting exams.
Student Portal: Platform for learning with facilities like eBooks, recorded lectures etc

5. Dynamic and Application Oriented Assessment:
Examination takes place in an hybrid model , both online and offline exams are conducted. Continuous assessment Process is part of the curriculum.

6. Industry Readiness Programme:
The Industry Readiness Program is designed to bridge the gap between the academic and working environment and make the students work ready who embark on their entrepreneurial/corporate journey. It includes:
•    Industry Internship
•    Industry Visit
•    Edu tour
•    Management Simulation Model


7. International Collaborations:
•    International Student Exchange Program
•    Faculty Exchange Program
•    Joint Research & Development
•    Collaboration on building  LABs
•    Participation on International Projects

8. Future Ready Curriculum
•    Mock GD & Interviews
•    Finishing School curriculum like Personality Development, Communication, Soft skill development